Check your website is compatible with iDevices


The seductive iPad2

OK we’ve crossed to the dark side and invested in some Apple kit. Just a small dabble admittedly, a “bottom of the range” iPad, but nonetheless Apple. You have to hand it to them even the packaging is seductive and as for the iPad with its sleek case, shiny screen and cute little icons that will wobble and dance in harmony given the right cue, it is truly an item of desire. Continue reading

The importance of good website design

An image of some jQuery code

In the last 10 years the internet has gone from being a novelty to a necessity, and so has the need to have a website for your business. A website is much more than a simple page that informs and advertises your products or services, it is a representation of the business itself – its identity online. When marketing yourself online first impressions are everything, studies have even shown that a user will make up his/her mind whether to stay on a website, or leave, in just a fraction of a second.[1]

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